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Engineers specialized in engineering physics are trained to satisfy the demands of interdisciplinary engineering specialties. The first specialization in this multidisciplinary branch is Biomedical Engineering (BME) which has been carried out to satisfy:

     * Demand for maintenance and efficient use modern biomedical equipment
     * New regulations of Ministry of Health to establish a division of equipment in every hospital and medical unit
     * New trends in BME research that is appropriate to specific advantageous conditions in Vietnam.

Other optional specializations which students can


Training programs:

     * Training degrees

       - Eng. : 4.5 years

       - MS. : 2 years

       - PhD. : 3 years

       - Specific training: short-term technical training for medical staff in selected BME areas.     

     * Focus areas

Biomedical instrumentation and imaging; Bio-optics; Biomechanics; Application of low power semiconductor laser optoacupuncture in medicine.

     * Curriculum of study

         - General courses: physics, applied mathematics, electronics, informatics in engineering physics etc.

         - BME specializing courses : biophysics, biochemistry, fundamentals of medicine, biomedical instrumentation, imaging, biomedical application of laser etc.

         - Experimental skill, practice, technical visit, design project.


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