Faculty of Applied Science 

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DMBE was established in 2003 to take charge of the training program of engineering physics and biomedical engineering and develop related research in mentioned field.

* Research activities:

- Basic research: Modeling and simulation of photon and ionizing radiation penetration through matter, biomedical cybernetics, optical polarization etc.

- Application research: Biosignal processing (ECG, EEG), biomedical image processing, bioinstrumentation etc.

* Training activities:

- Undergraduate and postgraduate training programs of engineering physics and biomedical engineering.


Address: Room 101, Building B4, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
Phone: (084-8) 38635869     -        Fax: (084-8) 38635869
E-mail: fas@hcmut.edu.vn
Website: http://www.fas.hcmut.edu.vn