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Research and Technology Transfer
Monday, 20 July 2009 23:09

This is a strong potential of the FAS, especially from many subordinate laboratories with a history of achievements such as Laser Technology Laboratory, Laboratory of Applied Mechanics, Center of Computational Mechanics etc.


FAS has established for various topics of research and scientific projects indispensable links to industrial and business community, transferred successfully research results into practical applications and offered diversified short training courses and consulting services in above mentioned technology as well.


- Laser Technology Laboratory (LTL)

Laboratory of Laser Techniques was established in 1979 and renamed as Laser Technology Laboratory in 1998. Through its history more than 25 years,  LTL has become a leading research unit in the field of low power laser application in medicine and technology in South Vietnam.

Since 1993, with the program “Semiconductor laser optoacupuncture” LTL has  expanded the use of its low power laser equipments in the community of healthcare. LTL has manufactured up to now 15 types of photoacupuncture and phototherapy equipments using low power semiconductor laser (LPSL) and transferred more than 500 equipments to over 150 medical units of 24 cities and provinces in the South of Vietnam. LTL has been interested in the research of treatment procedure using LPSL for many diseases such as hemiplegia for adults and children, arthritis, sinusitis, hemorrhoids, drug addition etc.  and achieved satisfactory results, which have been transferred widely to medical units using LPSL equipments in treatment.


* Main research fields:

- Laser application in medicine: Designing and manufacturing of low power semiconductor laser (LPSL) equipments for various applications in treatment of many diseases.

 - Basic research: Investigations and simulation of interaction of low power semiconductor laser  with tissue, Simulation of biocybernetic models of treatment.

- Laser application in technology: Designing and manufacturing of monitoring system using LPSL, laser application in metrology, optical fiber communication system.


- Laboratory of Applied Mechanics (LAM)

Laboratory of Applied Mechanics was established in 1992. Through its practical experience for more than 10 years,  LAM – with the role of scientific research, graduate and post-graduate training, manufacturing and technology transfer – has become one of the leading unit in the field of measurement, diagnosis and automatic control.

The aim of LAM is to research and manufacture the equipment for control and measurement in high-tech, to replace foreign equipments and meet the demands of renewing domestic technology with a low cost.

LAM has been interested in the fields of measurement and processing vibrations of structures such as mechanism, building, bridge; of researching and manufacturing the digital control unit of CNC controller; of manufacturing devices for balancing rotating components.

* Main research fields:

- Basic research: Vibration, Dynamics of machine, Measuring and diagnosing devices and systems, Automatic control etc.

- Applied productions: Balancing machines studied and produced by LAM, Control set of simultaneous motion on three axes,       Digital system for strain measurement. 

- Technical services: Balancing fan, turbine, ship propeller, fly-wheel, pulley, rotor; Measuring and diagnosing devices and systems.




- Center of Computational Mechanics (CCM)

CCM was established in 1992 and sponsored by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austaudienst / German Academic Exchange Service).

* Activities:

- Taking part in graduate and post-graduate programs of Engineering Mechanics.

- Research in Computational Mechanics.

- Technical consulting for industry.

* Research fields:

Problems of Computational Mechanics: Structure Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Optimization, Dynamics of Machine, Vibration, Metal Forming, Simulating the behavior of structure etc.



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